Great reasons to choose faux flowers

This is a conversation I have had many times over my 30 years in floristry. While the allure towards natural flowers and plants is of course is high, there is a lot to be said for making the switch to the artificial option. It is also something that not a lot of people give much thought into, until they see them for themselves and realise just how gorgeous they can be and just how far we’ve come!

In my varied experience, and that of so many other artificial flower lovers out there, there are multiple benefits for choosing faux flowers and there are many reasons why people are changing their views.

Here I have selected the 6 most popular reasons why people are making change:

  • Longevity – Artificial flowers never die! Once you have them in your home, you don’t need to worry about how long they will last, because they will look fresh, lush and vibrant for many years.
  • Cost – If you love the look of fresh flowers in your home you may already know that it can become expensive quite fast when you are buying a new bunch every other week. With faux silk designs you only need to make one purchase and the look is yours for years.
  • Season/Environment – We know that not every flower or plant blooms all year round. But with an artificial selection, you don’t ever have to worry about that. No matter what time of year it is, whether you have sunshine or rain, indoors or out, your beautiful blooms will always look perfect. The range of options has increased over the years also, so you can add colour, greenery and succulents to your décor and they will always look amazing.
  • Maintenance – Aside from making sure you dust them occasionally you never need to think about over or under watering your plants. This will be music to your ears if you are not a natural green thumb. You don’t have to rotate them in and out of the sun or keep them away from your pets. They are almost completely maintenance free and take the hard work out of being a plant owner.
  • Allergies – It can be incredibly frustrating to bring a beautiful new plant or floral arrangement into the house, only to realise you can’t be anywhere near it because you are allergic. And this is more common than you might think! With faux silk flowers, allergies are a thing of the past. You can enjoy the colour, vibrancy and beauty without having to worry about any reactions.
  • Appearance – Faux blooms that actually look fake are a thing of the past now. With newer materials and fresher ideas, it can take an experienced eye to tell the difference. Foliage, colour and different textures enhance the look and no one will ever know.

For anyone new to the faux flower world I encourage you to take a look at what kinds of options are available now. There are so many varieties and so much choice, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

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